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About Simply Decorous

Our name has been carefully chosen to reflect the period and style of the  items we carry in stock. Decorous: From the Latin "Decor" meaning elegance; in keeping with good taste; beauty and grace; appropriateness; genteel.

We have been collecting, buying and selling antiques for over 30 years and recently have begun to specialise in our real love – Exqusite Costume Jewellery from the 20th. Century and the Art Deco period. We also specailize is unusual decorative items from the 1930's through to retro 1970 pieces.

If you love interesting and unusual items, you’ve come to the right place. We aim to keep a varied range of decorative pieces and only source what we love and would be pleased to keep in our own collection.


Art Deco and Vintage Designer Costume Jewellery

Our Costume Jewellery range reflects many foremost costume jewellery designers of the 20th. century. An absolutely amazing collection with some rare and truly spectacular pieces. 

Costume Jewellery is essentially a 20th-century term for jewellery made from non-precious materials such as imitation gemstones and faux pearls set in either silver or base metal. It was often designed to go with a new season’s outfit and sometimes produced in large quantities. However, despite relatively inexpensive materials, pieces were designed and crafted to as high a standard as their more precious counterparts. The designer didn’t have the inherent value of diamonds and precious stones, but instead worked with multi-faceted, multi-coloured glass stones (rhinestones) to produce as desirable an object. The craftsmanship and design in top quality vintage and designer costume jewellery is certainly equal to that of precious jewellery, many being small works of art.  One of the greatest advantages of costume jewellery is that it is accessible, affordable and highly wearable attracting admiring glances and effusive compliments.

To quote Kenneth J lane: “Wearing costume jewellery is like wearing glass slippers. You can feel like you’re going to the ball, even if you’re not.”

Hollywood undoubtedly had a huge influence on trends and designs. As the decades of the 30’s and 40’s unfolded, movie stars and their glamorous outfits began to make a huge impact on fashion and many leading costume jewellery designers such as Trifari made exclusive designs for the stars of stage and screen, as well as the wives of leading political and Royal figures. Designers include Chane,l Trifari,  Delizza & Elster (Juliana),  Hobe,  Kramer,  Pennino,  Reja,  Boucher,  Dior, Vendome,  Hollycraft,  Ciner.  Marvella,  Hattie Carnegie , Miriam Haskell Napier,  Weiss,  Eisenberg to name but a few.

When purchasing vintage items of jewellery there are often small markings and surface abrasions consistent with the age and use of the piece. We do our utmost to ensure that each vintage piece is in a good pre-loved condition. If there is distinctive wear on any item it will be outlined clearly in the description.


Fine Art Deco and 20th. Century Decorative Arts.

The end of the First World War, and with the social liberation that        ensued there was an explosion of new and innovative design concepts that impacted on technology, fashion, building and home furnishing to name but a few – in fact every aspect of design. Art Deco style had moved on from the flowing lines and curves of the Art Nouveau; and the naturalistic style of Arts and Crafts. The term Art Deco was not coined until the 1960’s, the term deriving from the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts held in Paris in 1925. Art Deco is most commonly associated with primary colours and strong geometric forms. Art Deco and Decorative Arts covers a myriad of styles from the 1920’s right up to Vintage and Retro years of the 1970’s, and of course, in between, Hollywood glamour. 


We are always looking to purchase quality items. Please do contact us with details of any items that you may wish to sell.