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The name Hobe is the family name of a business starting in Paris, France in 1887 by Jacques Hobe who was regarded as a master goldsmith recognized throughout Europe as a producer of fine jewelry. One of his son’s, William Hobe, while still in France, was a representative for a German company selling theatrical costumes. He came to the U.S. and sold costumes to Florence Ziegfeld of the Ziegfeld Follies with a request by Ziegfeld to also create inexpensive but real looking jewellery to go along with the showgirls costumes. In 1930, William Hobe created the company, Hobe Cie Ltd. NY producing Hobe costume jewellery.

Hobe jewellery has been of excellent and elegant designs with high quality stones embellishing superior sterling silver, platinum and gold plated metalwork. Hobe jewellery has been excellent in workmanship especially on its reproductions of antique jewellery such as the replicas of the jewelelry of the European courts which was made to last. During the 1950's, Hobe designed and produced jewellery for movies in Hollywood and also for the movie stars personal collections. Hobe jewellery was said to be the jewellery of choice in Hollywood, for it was favored by many producers and movie stars, and was designed to compliment the costumes of actresses in movies. The jewellery was also used by fashion models in advertising promotions. One of the 1940s slogans in a Hobe advertisement was "jewels of legendary splendor". Hobe jewellery advertisements claimed that their jewelelry was handmade using platinum, gold or sterling metal. It has been said that Hobe jewellery is unmatched in quality. The Hobe Company has been considered one of the very best of costume jewellery manufacturers in America. Mark: "Hobe with a dash above the e" on an oval plaque and "Hobe STERLING 14K with a copyright symbol" in a triangle used in 1958. The Hobe pieces produced between 1935 and 1955 are highly collectible. William Hobe’s sons, Robert and Donald, as of 2004, have continued the business located in Mount Vernon, NY. Some of the Hobe craftsman, Serillo, Ralph Demassa, Mr. Solomon, Zoltan Imirshaw, Lou Vece and James Hobe have their own marks on jewellery produced.


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