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BOUCHER, MARCEL: 1937 - 1966 (Now D’Orlan Industries of Canada)

Boucher and Cie Company NY in 1937 where he produced creative and imaginative designed metalwork jewellery with high quality rhinestones. He was born in France and trained as an apprentice to Cartier in France and emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1920s. During the early 1930s, he designed jewellery for the Mazer Brothers in New York.

Gold plating enamel was used with 3-dimensional designs using the 4 precious stone colours on jewellery of exotic birds, insects, and flowers that were also Marcel Boucher, a jewellery designer, established the Marcel marked the design numbers of 3 or 4 digits into the astermolds. Imitation diamond (beautiful rhinestones), ruby, sapphire and emerald stones, and simulated pearls were used in the jewellery.

Most Boucher jewellery is signed in metal. Mark: "Marboux with a copyright symbol" in 1938 - 1960s, "MB with a helmet icon" (Phrygian Cap) in 1940, and "Boucher with a copyright symbol with most jewellery pieces also containing a number" in 1950, ""EARRITE" for earrings since 1950, and later, his own name "Marcel Boucher".

Boucher’s jewellery reflects the classical tradition with excellent metalwork, highly creative and imaginative designs using excellent rhinestones resembling gemstones that can be mistaken for the real thing. Marcel died in 1966 and was succeeded by his wife Sandra, who previously had worked for Tiffany, and, who had been working with him as a designer, took over the operation of the company that was now located in East Toronto, Canada.

It is said that Marcel Boucher was possibly the greatest designer and producer of costume jewellery in America in the 1930s through 1971 and his jewellery pieces are prized for their baguettes and exciting coloured stones. Boucher’s jewellery pieces have maintained excellent quality and workmanship. The 1940 Parisianna Mexican Silver jewellery line is highly prized and sought after by collectors. Also very collectible is the jewellery group of "Exotic Birds". In 1979, the company was sold to D’Orlan Industries of Toronto, Canada.

The workmanship and details on the jewellery now being produced from the Boucher moulds by D’Orlan is of high quality but does not measure up to the older pieces produced by Marcel Boucher. The jewellery pieces have a design inventory number and are now signed "d’Orlan".

Ciro’s shops were such an important selling venue that designer/maker Marcel Boucher was willing to add the Ciro name to his articles sold through the stores. This explains why you sometimes find pieces stamped both Boucher and Ciro.

Boucher marks included:

MB - 1937 to 1949
Marboux 1938 to 1960's
Phrygian Cap - 1944 to 1949
Boucher - 1950 - 1955
Boucher "c" - after 1955. 

Boucher Inventory Numbers:

Boucher jewelry started to bear inventory numbers starting in the 1940's.

This is a list of approximate dates that correspond to those numbers.
- 2300 - 2350 after 1945
- 2351 - 2450 after 1946
- 2450 - 2550 after 1947
- 2550 - 2750 after 1948
- 2750 - 3000 after 1949
- 3000 - 3500 after 1950 


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