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This long standing British Company was established in 1917 and continues with a fine reputation for high quality imitation jewellery and pearls.

Ciro started out as a mail order company selling costume jewellery, clip on earrings, and cultured pearls and launched an imitation pearl in the 1920’s. Ciro soon became a much sought after brand with the elegant flapper girls and early stars of stage and screen.  With an eye on the latest advances in costume jewellery manufacture, Ciro were keen to use the new cubic zirconia in the 1970’s. This breakthrough in technology meant it became really difficult for the naked eye to differentiate between synthetic stones and diamonds.

Ciro's classic collections embodied timeless and ladylike glamour Ciro were well established in Bond Street, London, when they opened their flagship store in New York, America and their US operations became the largest of its worldwide outlets as the American’s love of costume jewellery was well established, as were their buying habits. In fact Ciro’s shops were such an important selling venue that designer Marcel Boucher was willing to add the Ciro name to his articles sold through their stores. This explains why you sometimes find pieces stamped both Boucher and Ciro as well as other top designers.

Vintage Ciro pieces are usually marked Ciro or CP. However some pieces are not marked - as with all companies and some are marked twice with Ciro and the company who made it.




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