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Fishel Nessler 

(FN Co.): 1885 - 1937:

Carl Fishel and Nessler (First name unknown) founded Fishel Nessler & Co. on Fifth Avenue, NY in 1885 producing silver plated with a brass tone finish necklace chains (rope), rich in patina with clear beads and crystals of floral designs with a distinctive screw barrel closure. Mark: "F.N. CO.", "FN & Co.". By 1930, the pins, necklaces, dress clips, and bracelets were sterling silver or rhodium plated base metal paved with simulated stones including turquoise, sapphire etc. along with the clear beads and crystals. Mark: "fish motif with FN Co. inside the design", "fish motif and STERLING inside the design with an L outside its nose". The company was best known for the Art Deco style necklaces, pins and earrings made in the 1920's and 1930's using high quality Austrian crystals and rhinestones beads or cabochons and simulated stones pave set into sterling silver, silver and rhodium plated base metals. The company ceased operations in 1937. Fishel Nessler jewelry is not common and is hard to find.

A Carl Fishel (may not be the same as the Fishel of Fishel Nessler), Gustavo Trifari, and Leo Krussman had been employed by Rice & Hockster, a maker of women's shoe buckles and hair ornaments and all three had seen service in World War I, 1917-1919. The company manufactured women's high top shoe buckles and bobbed hair ornaments. Paris was the fashion capital of the world and had dictated that women keep their hair long and held in place by lovely celluloid and rhinestones combs and wear high buckle shoes but styles were changing. After Carl Fishel's vacation trip to Paris, France in 1921, and with the trend of French women's styles changing to no longer bobbing their hair and no longer wearing high top shoes, and stagnant in sales, a change of product line was necessary. Now, with the popularity of the gold chain necklace (rope), the company in 1921 changed its product line producing the gold chain necklace (rope) that was inspired by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. The company opened its own jewelry business of Trifari, Krussman and Fishel (Head of Sales) in 1925.

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