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Bengel, Jakob

Famous for his Art Deco jewellery items made mainly from chrome and galalith, otherwise known as Schmuck. His company was based in Idar-Oberstein Germany and his designs are famous for their Bauhaus modernist styling. Galalith has been described as a synthetic material with unlimited possibilities and jewellery was certainly one of them, it was also used for buttons and boxes and many other items. It is made from a resin produced from casein milk and formaldehyde. Gala - is Greek for milk and lithos - is stone hence the name Galalith. Galalith jewellery was also produced in France and the Bengel company also exported worldwide. Many top designers worked for the company and the workers were highly skilled and trained mechanics and tool makers. Unfortunately the factory ceased production due to the second world war when jewellery production came to a halt and the machines were used for the war effort. In recent years pattern books and unused pieces of jewellery have been discovered and we are now becoming aware of the extent of the items his firm designed and produced. Much of the original stock was unsold and left and forgotten, sealed away in time capsules at the factory and other outlets and has now been found and appears on the market. These items are therefore new/old stock and usually in extremely good condition.  Today Jakob Bengel's wonderful jewellery is highly sought after by collectors worldwide and some of the top pieces command a high price.

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