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G. Leonardi (Leonardene Co.)

English Manufacturer of what the firms advertising department called 'Art Models - Figures designed and modelled in England'. These items were made during the 1920s and 30s. The Company was based in Elthone Road, Holloway London. They produced a wide range of plaster Art Deco figures, which included Ladies, lady lamps, Bookends, Athletic Men, Children, Animals and wall masks. The early lady lamps were mounted on chrome bases, and many or the same figures were put to different uses. You could get a certain model as a figure and as a lamp. Each Leonardi item was stamped on the back of the base, usually with a registration number, model number and the distinct G L initials which are stamped on top of each other. Each model number was given a name and was available in a selection of different colours, which included Jade, Matt Rose, Pearl, Green Pearl, Metallic, Copper-Green, Green-Gold, and Silver-Blue. Other colours were obtainable by special order. These pieces were made as affordable items for the general public and today are highly sought after and very collectable. The quality and style of the Leonardi pieces is not the usual poor quality found in your average Deco plaster figure. There are many Reproductions around and ways of telling them apart from the Originals.

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