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Louis Rousselet

A French beadmaker and jewelry designer of Paris, France founded the Rousselet Company designing beads and jewelry using unusual ceramic and Galalith beads of the 1920s and producing charming floral necklaces made of artificial looking and colored pearls including seed pearls, and glass colored beads and clear and colored rhinestones. He was classified as one of the outstanding beadmakers of the twentieth century. In the 1920s, he employed 800 people producing beads (beads of Galalith (casein - a phosphoprotein that is one of the chief constituents of milk and the basis of cheese used in plastics, glass etc.), and some other types including glass beads for important people in and around Paris. The outstanding product of the company was glass beads. The beads made had what was called lamp wounds and were often given baroque shapes to emphasize their individuality.

For more than 50 years, the Rousselet workshops have been making imitation enamel and lustrous artificial pearls, which have built the company’s reputation. The handiwork of the Parisian jewelry makers guarantee the perfect confection, always unique and delicately made, going from large and eccentric designs to tiny pearls (sometimes less than a millimetre in size).

Like in Venice, glass was worked on directly on the fire on a brass rod that, as soon as the form of the bead was made, was dissolved in acid, clearing the holes. Many fashion houses used to come and get supplies, used for embroidery on their clothing designs. Chains and jewelry elements were also produced made in the Rousselet factory outside Paris.

The beads and jewelry designs graced models, actresses and singers as well as fashionable French ladies and he also designed jewelry for Music Hall stars Josephine Baker and Mistingette. The beads, rhinestones and pearls, used in the jewelry of goldtone and silvertone filigree metal base, were prong set and wired together. Rousselet’s daughter Denise assisted in designing the costume jewelry starting in the 1960s. Rousselet died in 1980. Mark: " Depose Made in France", "Louis ROUSSELET MODELE DEPOSE MADE IN FRANCE", "PERLE DE SEVGNE MADE IN FRANCE", Paper label "LR", "Louis Rousselet".  Some pieces were also marked "FRANCE" OR "MADE IN FRANCE". The jewelry is highly sought after today.

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