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It is widely believed that there seems to be a connection between Menneville and Cipriani. Many Menneville statues are very much in the style of Cipriani's work.

Many of the works of Menneville,Cipriani, (and Rochard) were produced by the Silvin foundry in Paris during the early 1930s. It is highly likely, therefore that Menneville was a pseudonym used by Ugo Cipriani on his spelter and spelter and Ivorine pieces. His bronzes and terracottas were usually signed Cipriani and many were unsigned as were many of the spelter statues. Some Menneville signed statues are titled Menneville et Rochard. It is also known that a marriage of artists occurred on some group statuary pieces, ie. a lady and a dog - where Menneville (Cipriani?) produced the lady of the group and Rochard provided the dog. There are also two other names that occur on some of the ivorine and spelter statues in the style of Menneville/Cipriani and they are Roggia and Deviggo. Were these also pseudonyms used by Cipriani? After all it was a common practice with many of the statuary artists during the deco years to use other names. For instance - Le Faguays used - Guerbe and Fayral, Bouraine used Derenne and Briand on their non bronze statues, Le Verrier used Artus and many other artists also used pseudonyms.

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