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Miriam Haskell 

Miriam Haskell Jewellery was in production from 1924 to present.

Many of the Miriam Haskell jewellery pieces made during the early 1920's through late 1940's are often unsigned. Her jewellery is famous for elaborate clasps, the extensive use of seed pearls, Russian gold plate filigree findings and rose montees, pressed glass leaves and baroque pearls. All of her jewelry was handmade.

Miriam Haskell... the jewels that dreams are made of! Her designs are legendary, and her look unique. Especially collectible are her pieces using tiny intricate motifs in seed pearls and glass beads along with rose montee set in her distinctive softly gilt Russian gold settings. She began making jewelry in 1926, and it is said that she did not sign her jewellery until about 1947.

The list of wonderful designers who worked for her includes among others Frank Hess, Bob Clark and Larry Vrba. Although she passed away twenty years ago, the company is producing jewelry today with a different owner, but in totally different styles.

DATES: unsigned Haskell 1926-40s,  signed beginning in the late 40s circa 1958, signed "Haskell Jewelry Ltd" LINES:

Spring, Fall & Holiday A, B and C groups in each line A= complex B= medium complex C= simplest "Basics" were all-pearl lines with no motif From 1958 on, there were 10-12 lines per collection and 10-15 items per line for the three seasons: Spring, Fall & Holiday.

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