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Monet jewellery has been made since the 1930s and it is still being made today. It is a high quality costume jewellery most normally it is heavily gold platedor silver toned metal in bold shapes or with lots of chains. The aim of the Monet company was to produce pieces with a high quality fine jewellery finish and design at an affordable price The Monet jewellery company was originally American and the production of their jewellery was all in the USA until about 2000.

Whilst Monet jewellery is normally gold or silver tone metal in bold shapes, occasionally you can find pieces with coloured enamel, pearls or glass stones set into it. Vintage Monet jewellery is still quite affordable compared with some other vintage designer jewellery

All Monet jewellery made after 1955 is stamped with the Monet trade mark.

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