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Herman Pomerantz was born in 1901, so probably did not go into business until at least the 1920s. Mr. Pomerantz worked for a short while with a partner named Max Silverman. The earliest pieces are probably the open C-clasp pieces. Pomerantz designed jewelry until the mid 1950s, though the company continued making jewelry into the 1960s. Mr. Pomerantz died in 1967.

He patented several designs during the 1930s and early 1940s, In addition to costume jewelry, Pomerantz also produced unusual metal belts, large, showy buckles made from a variety of materials, including bakelite!  Pomerantz is also well known for making buttons, including women's cuff buttons.

Much confusion has risen from the fact that Herman Pomerantz made a great deal of very large Victorian Revival jewelry circa 1930-40, heavy jewelry with open backed unusual stones and fancy metal textures that do look much like 19th century jewelry, even to experts. Pomerantz jewelry with textured backs and AB rhinestones were made circa 1960.

There are at least 4 signatures: "H. Pomerantz & Co. N.Y.," "H. Pomerantz Inc. N.Y.," "H. Pomerantz Co." and just "H. Pomerantz." Some try to date the jewelry by the signatures, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to them.

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