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Robert Levey, David Jaffe, and Irving Landsman founded the Fashioncraft Jewellery Company NYC in 1942. Landsman left in 1951, and the company changed its name to Robert Originals, Inc. about 1960.

Jewellery went by the name of Robert or Original by Robert. Designs have natural and floral motifs with the use of faux pearls, coloured glass, crystal beads, and high quality imported rhinestones set on gilded filigree open wire and openwork mountings.

The company’s advertisement in the 1940s indicated that the jewellery was hand crafted with fine details. Expert jewellers could often mistake the stones for genuine precious stones.

Because of its excellent design, workmanship and materials, the jewellery sold at a high price. The firm supplied jewellery to the film industry.

Levey retired in 1975. Mark: "Original by Robert" 1942-1979 with a copyright symbol after 1955, "Fashioncraft", "Fashioncraft Designer Robert Levy", "Robert" (on earrings).

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