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Stanley Hagler

Stanley Hagler, a jewelry designer, founded the Stanley Hagler Company in New York City in 1953.

His company produced jewelry pieces that were opulent, complex, hand made, hand wired-embroidered and usually colorful.

The company was a one-man operation until 1979 when designer Mark Mercy joined the company. Mark: oval disc tag, “STANLEY HAGLER” (1950 through 1982). Stanley Hagler and Mark Mercy worked together in New York City until 1983 when they moved the company to Florida and added “N.Y.C.” to the “STANLEY HAGLER” oval disc designer tag to keep the New York City connection in Stanley Hagler’s work.

In 1989, Ian St. Gielar joined the firm as a contributing designer and designed many of the jewelry pieces. Hagler jewelry can be identified by the layers of elaborately detailed hand work with some jewelry hand wrapped on colored seed beads and seed pearls set on Russian Gold plated filigree along with Swarovski rhinestones, colored stones, crystal pearls, and various colored cabochons. 

Downsizing of the company appeared in 1993 due to health problems of the founder and Ian St. Gielar left the company in 1994.

Stanley Hagler died in 1996 but the company continued to produce jewelry under the Stanley Hagler name.

A Common Law Trademark allowed Mark Mercy, now a partner in the company, to keep the rights to the Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. name after the death of the founder.

In 1996, Mark Mercy also founded M & M Designs Fla. Labeling creations of tiaras and large custom pieces.

Ian St. Gielar, in 1996, gave his own name to his new company Ian St. Gielar. Both men continued to design jewelry. 

Mark Mercy retained all legal rights to use the Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. name on his jewelry and has all of the original, vintage, component pieces of the Stanley Hagler lines.

Therefore, the same high quality jewelry pieces were and have been produced. The jewelry is still handmade today, has elaborate detailed designs using vintage materials, from a huge collections of jewelry parts, assembled over many years including synthetic flowers, color glass beads and seed pearls, Swarovski rhinestones and crystals, head pins and parts. The jewelry produced is comparative to Haskell, Boucher, Christian Dior, Schiaparelli, and Chanel. Through the years, the Stanley Hagler Company produced jewelry pieces for Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks 5th Avenue. 

The jewelry name Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. and M & M Designs Fla. are well known throughout the finest stores and boutiques in the U.S. and other countries including Japan, England, Germany, France, Australia and Switzerland. Their designed pieces have been worn by the Duchess of Windsor (Mrs. Simpson), Ivana Trump, Barbara Walters, Madeleine Albright, Susan Lucci, Candice Bergen to name a few with jewelry designs seen in TV shows, and movies.   

Stanley Hagler designed under STANLEY HAGLER until the early 1980′s when  he and Mark Mercy moved to Florida. - STANLEY HAGLER N.Y.C.  (periods after the initials.) was used after the move to Florida until his death in 1996. - Mark Mercy still uses Stanley Hagler N.Y.C.  and M&M Designs Fla. - When Ian St. Gielar went off on his own after Hagler’s death,  he used STANLEY HAGLER NYC  (no periods) and IAN ST. GIELER on a separate tag almost all of his pieces.

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