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  • Czech Alexandrite Glass Vase by Frantisek Zemek

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    Czech Alexandrite Glass Vase by Frantisek Zemek
    Czech Alexandrite Glass Vase by Frantisek ZemekCzech Alexandrite Glass Vase by Frantisek ZemekCzech Alexandrite Glass Vase by Frantisek Zemek

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    Product Description

    This beautiful biomorphic piece was designed in 1957 is by Czech art glass designer Frantisek Zemek (b. 1913 - d. 1960) - Rhapsody / Propeller Design.

    This design is an early example of Zemek's creativity and was deemed important enough to be included by Josef Raban in his landmark book ‘Modern Bohemian Glass’, published in 1963. (- source: Mark Hill).

    This abstract and organic bottle form refracts the light in  a vibrant manner - it also has the ability to colour change. The colour changing ability comes from Neodymium, a chemical element which is incorporated into the glass during the crafting process. Neodymium glass is sometimes known as Alexandrite glass and under daylight, the element in the glass is a pale lilac colour. However, under indoor and fluorescent household lighting. the element becomes a pale pink colour.

    The abstract bottle form of this piece is finished with an accent of clear trailings of glass. The trailing begins at the neck of the vase, winding downwards to curl around the middle of the vase. This elegant piece would suit a room with Mid Century, Modernist or even contemporary inspired decor.

    Height of 6.3/4 inch and width of 5.1/4 inch.

    The condition is excellent, with  no chips or cracks or repairs. There is mild wear that is commensurate with the age of the piece. Wear is most evident on the underside of the vase's base that is not visible when the vase is upright. 

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